Bosch electric shredder

Bosch electric shredder

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The Bosch AX 25 TC electric garden shredder with silenced turbine cutting

If you have a garden with a hedge that needs to be adjusted and you don't want to go crazy with the twigs, consider buying a electric shredder.

With this tool you will avoid having to load the cutting and pruning scraps into the car and in addition you will have an excellent natural fertilizer with which to feed the plants.

The electric models are the most versatile and easy to use for those who do not have professional needs - even maintenance is reduced to a minimum - and there are some that are quiet enough so as not to disturb the neighbors (too much).

Which model to choose? The power must be evaluated according to the needs, which normally are equivalent to the diameter of the branches to be cut. Let's say that if you only have one hedge, a small model may be enough, but if you add the pruning of fruit trees then you have to go up a bit with power.

With the shredded material from the shredder you can fertilize hedges and trees that you have pruned, make an excellent protective mulch and fertilize the lawn and feed the composter where you can also put the wet fraction of household waste (but be careful with the rules of good home composting) .

THE electric shredders that I recommend here are from the Bosch line because I personally have the opportunity to use one and I am satisfied; I also saw that the online reviews are almost all very positive. There is obviously a guarantee and if repairs are needed, Bosch has an excellent after-sales service.

The price of electric shredders in my opinion below is in line with the quality of the various models and buying online saves you a lot, unless you are a regular customer of a store that offers you great discounts.

Power 2000 Watt, blade cutting up to 3.3 cm, with wheels: Bosch AXT RAPID 2000 Garden Shredder

Power 2200 Watt, blade cutting up to 3.8 cm, with wheels: Bosch AXT RAPID 2200 Garden Shredder

Power 2500 Watt, cutter up to 4 cm, with wheels: Bosch AXT 25 D Garden Shredder

Power 2500 Watt, silent turbine cutting up to 4.5 cm, with wheels: Bosch AXT 25 TC Garden Shredder

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