Types of roses, how to choose

There are many types of roses, from botanical, single-flowered ones, to miniature roses and all hybrids selected by man. Betweenmore fragrant roseswe point out the park types such as Andromeda, Westerland and the botanical roses Arvensis and Rosburghii normalis.

This is not the first time we have talked about the differenttypes of roses, in fact, in the article "Garden Roses" we saw the ideal varieties for:
-to create borders
-to cut and pack bouquets
-to set up rose bushes with rather voluminous bushes

Types of roses, botanicals
What is more we talked about types of roses hybrids but not of botanical roses. Botanical roses, and their first hybrids, are the work of nature and not man, they are particularly scenic and develop with vigorous shrubs that need large spaces. Botanical roses are not re-flowering but they manage to embellish the garden thanks to the autumn colors of the foliage and the presence of berries until winter.

The ideal habitat for botanical roses is on the slopes of mountain areas, so when growing them in the home garden it is best to choose an area in partial shade or a northern exposure. The soil must be well drained and poor. Betweentypes of rosesbotanicals we recommend the cultivation ofRosa arvensisRosa glauca, Rosa moyesii and Rosa roxburghii normalis.Among these, the most fragrant are the Rosa arvensis and the Rosa roburghi normalis, in both cases they are white roses that offer their flower in May.

Types of roses, the most fragrant
Who is on the hunt forfragrant rosescan find what they are looking for with Tea Hybrids. The flower is very resistant, both on the plant and when cut. Typically it isrose remontant. Among these we would like to point out the Accademia, a fuchsia rose with very thick petals and an intense scent that gives off from May to October. The Just Joey rose, another hybrid variety with an intense aroma, which blooms from May to September, giving beautiful orange roses. The joy rose with double petals of yellow tinged with pink that blooms from May to October.

Thinking from the point of view of positioning, it is also possible to indicate and describeIndoor roses

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