Ford Fusion Hybrid 2014, all the info

Ford Fusion Hybrid 2014, all the info

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ThereFord Fusion Hybridit is the hybrid drive car that takes home in the United States with $ 27,280, equal to about 20,000 euros. ThereFord Fusion Hybridit has received several awards for its fuel efficiency, so much so that it has won the record for kilometers traveled with a tank of petrol for a petrol-powered sedan: a total of 1,445.7 miles, 2,326 km.

The electrical component is given by a small engine powered by 7.6 kW lithium-ion batteries located at the rear of the car. ThereFord Fusion Hybridhas a braking energy recovery system: the technology acquires up to 90 percent of the energy normally lost with heat during braking.

The hybrid propulsion is given by a 156 horsepower 2.5 four-cylinder heat engine and a 106 horsepower electric engine. The two engines alternate while driving so as to optimize fuel consumption: up to 76 km / h driving is zero emissions, driven by the electric motor; from 77 km / h up to 170 km / h - top speed of the five door sedanHybrid Fusion- the internal combustion engine comes into play.


Who is not satisfied with theFusion Hybrid classic can point to the versionTitanium which, from the price list, in the States, takes home with 32,600 euros, about 23,900 euros. ThereFord Fusion Hybrid 2014 Titaniumpresents itself to the public with a hybrid powertrain given by a 2.0 four-cylinder thermal engine with Atknson cycle, coupled to a high voltage electric motor. The motorization on theFord Fusion Hybrid 2014sees the addition of the continuously variable transmission (ECVT) which guarantees optimized consumption.

Ford electric and hybridon the Italian market
ThereFord Fusion Hybridit is available in Ford dealerships in Canada and the USA where the American manufacturer also offers the hybrid drive version of theFord C-max. In Italy, Ford proposes itself in the low-emission mobility sector with a single vehicle, the Ford Focus Electric. With a 32 kWh battery, the electric Ford Focus can provide an effective range of 162 km. The electric motor has an output of 105 kW, equivalent to 142 hp and offers a maximum speed of 137 km / h. Acceleration sees the sprint from a standstill to 100 km / h covered in 11.4 seconds. As for electric mobility, the newsFord on the European market, foresee the launch, shortly, of the Ford C-MAX Energi, a plug-in hybrid-electric car (PHEV) and the new Ford Mondeo hybrid-electric.


In the photo above, the Ford Focus Electric
In the middle photo, Ford Fusion Hyrid

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