How to plant an avocado

How to plant an avocado

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How to plant an avocado from seed: from the first steps to germinate the avocado seed to actual cultivation. Display, pruning and tips on how to grow an avocado tree.

L'avocadois a fruit tree belonging to the Lauraceae family. It is native to a vast geographical area that extends from the central and western mountains of Mexico, through Guatemala to the coasts of the Pacific Ocean in Central America. Even if its origins are so far from Europe, it is possiblegrowing avocadoalso on our territory: the plant adapts well to the mild climate of the Mediterranean, in particular of Southern Italy.

Avocado tree

The tree ofavocadoit is medium in size, measuring about 10-12 meters in height, although many specimens, in the right conditions, reach and exceed 20 meters. The foliage is wide and leafy, the trunk is covered with a greyish rind while the leaves are long, oval, and vary from 12 to over 25-30 cm.

How to grow avocado starting from the seed

In the home it is possiblegrowing avocado starting from the seed.

The procedure is simple, just buy an avocado, extract the seed and root it point up in the water as shown in the photo above.

Only when the roots have developed well can this be transplanted into well-drained soil. With this procedure it will be possible to obtain vigorous plants but do not expect fruit immediately! Avocado grown from seed bears fruit, but years will pass.

Avocado plant, temperature

L'avocadoit needs a tropical or sub-tropical climate, it is not resistant to cold enough to already suffer at temperatures below 4 ° C.

The avocado plant thrives with an ideal temperature between 16 and 29 ° C.

Avocado plant, exhibition

The pot must be placed in a sunny area. Those who live in southern Italy will be able to plant them in the ground after a couple of years of cultivation in pots.

How to plant an avocado starting from the seed

In summary, who wantsplant the avocado must:

1) Remove and gently clean the seed from the drupe, taking care not to remove the thin brown film that surrounds it.

2) Take three toothpicks from skewers and place them along the circumference of the seed. Each toothpick should form a 45 ° angle.

Note: the network of three toothpicks will serve to form a support to be placed on the edge of a large jar filled with water in order to keep the seed afloat.

3) Fill a jar with water and place it in a sunny place - the ideal could be a window sill facing South -.

4) Place the seed in the jar: the tip must be the part immersed in water. Change the water in the jar at least once a week.

5) To obtain the roots it will be necessary to wait about 8 weeks. After the roots appear, the seed must never lack water.

6) When the plant has reached a length of 15-20 cm, it will have to be “cut off” by 5-7 cm in order to encourage further thickening of the base.

7) When the plant has reached the length of 20-25 cm again, it will be good to transplant it into a pot filled with well-drained and humus-rich soil.

In transplanting theavocado, make sure that the upper part of the seed remains exposed to the air.

Advice: to encourage proper growth it is good to perform periodic pruning. When the plant has reached 30 centimeters it can be pruned by cutting off the top leaves. This can be done for every 15 centimeters of growth.

When to plant an avocado

In theory, in the home, it is possible to dosprout avocado seedat any time of the year. Actually we advise you to dosprout the avocado seedin spring, so as to be able to bury the well sprouted seed and the well formed plant, when the outside temperatures will not be below 16 ° C.

How to plant avocado

The sprouted seed can be planted in a pot when the roots are numerous and well developed and when the leaves have developed. At this stage, you must carefully remove the toothpicks and transfer the plant to a pot with fertile soil. Lightly press the soil around the seed.

Avocado from seed: how quickly does it bear fruit?

From seed to fruit, how long will you have to wait? In theory, within 4 years you could already be harvesting the first fruits of avocado. Personally, I had to wait 7 years for my plant! For more instructions on how to care for the plant: how to grow avocado.

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