Stands for tomatoes: how to place them

Stands for tomatoes: how to place them

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To make i grow well tomatoes in the garden it is necessary to place special ones guardians or supports that allow the plant to grow upwards, and the fruits not to rot in contact with the ground. Let's see how.

The function of braces for tomatoes, in addition to facilitating the bearing of the plant and therefore the cultivation operations, is to prevent the wind from causing the inclination and consequent uprooting of the stem, which would ruin your tomatoes.

Before talking about the positioning of guardians but one thing needs to be said. Plants of tomato they may have, depending on the different varieties, an 'indeterminate' or 'determined' bearing.

The indeterminate habit is that which is normally found in gardens: the plant of tomato it develops on a single stem, which for this reason is linked to a legal guardian.

The determined habit is instead typical of industrial crops, which grow horizontally and without guardians to allow the mechanized collection of tomatoes.

Having made this necessary premise, to position the braces for tomatoes without using an exaggerated number of them, proceed as follows.

At the head of the rows two poles stick into the ground and galvanized wires are stretched between them (they must not get rust) spaced 30-40 centimeters, vertically, from each other. Once this is done, you can place it next to each plant of tomato alegal guardian 'Dedicated', but the important thing is that the wires are always well stretched.

THE guardians they must be planted in the ground at variable depths according to the estimated development of the plant to be supported. For the tomatoes braces are usually not less than one meter long, so as to be able to support at least three parallel wires 30 cm away from each other.

As the plants of tomato they will grow in height, they will be tied to the threads. However, the binding points must be soft so as not to damage the stems and allow the development of the seedlings. They also need to be firm enough to bear the weight of the fruit as it reaches maturity.

Attention: if you want to use guardians and support structures from the previous year or in any case not new, make sure to disinfect them with copper sulphate before use.

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