Energy saving, useful tips at home

Energy saving, useful tips at home

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Energy saving advice practical to apply at home! Today we give advice profits that will make you save a bit of pennies: aim forenergy savingit means cutting CO2 emissions and lightening the cost of the electricity bill.

Over the past few years,IdeasGreengave you severaladvice on energy saving, most of which are useful and applicable in everyone's homes. Unfortunately, other tips have less of a real impact. Sure! Insulating a home is crucial to aim forenergy saving, but how many of you can face such a substantial expense as that of thermal insulation? The same goes for the installation of a solar system ... of course, this will drastically cut your electricity bill but it requires a substantial preliminary investment.

The truth is, the ways tosave energythere are, but the most effective ones require a certain financial commitment. We propose a sort of "pyramid" of the godsadvice on energy saving, at the base of the pyramid there are those tips that can be followed by everyone, as the pyramid rises, there are thoseadviceless applicable by the masses.

Energy saving advice, the pyramid

1) At the top of the pyramid of energy saving tipsthere are renewable energies. Solar thermal for the production of hot water, photovoltaic system for electricity and on-site exchange and domestic wind for the self-production of electricity.

2) In second place we find the insulation of the building and thermal insulation.

3) On the podium of our pyramid ofenergy saving tipswe find the replacement of fixtures with more efficient materials and structures such as, for example, double-glazed windows.

4) On the fourth step of the pyramid there is the installation of a heat pump and the addition of a solar chimney.

5) The replacement of household appliances in use in favor of equipment belonging to energy classes A +++.

6) Going down, we find the installation of skylights and large windows to ensure natural lighting and ventilation of the premises.

7) On the seventh step of the pyramid there is the use of a thermostat for the management of the heating and cooling systems.

8) Much more affordable is the replacement of classic household light bulbs with LED lights

9) The adoption of timers and multi-socket devices is within everyone's reach

10) Duty and conscientious: the adoption of behaviors that follow good environmental practice.

In the article "how to save energy with appliances" are availableadvicepractical to reduce the costs of the electricity bill by changing your behavior: in the kitchen, with the dryer, with the washing machine, with the oven, the dishwasher, the refrigerator .... The list of energy saving in the home continues with tips on how to best use the iron, vacuum cleaner and hairdryer.

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