Fiber optic Internet: how to check coverage and rates

Fiber optic Internet: how to check coverage and rates

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Even if talking about the digital divide in a hyper-connected society seems anachronistic, in Italy the reality is this: coverage Fiber optic internetin the Peninsula it is not widespread, and despite the considerable efforts and investments by the main market operators, in many areas it is still not possible to connect to the Internet through the broadband connection.

Government interventions are expected, for example with the new plan announced and which will see Enel's structures contribute to better coverage, but especially for what are defined as market failure areas there is still a long way to go.

For this reason, before entering into a new supply contract Internet, you need to make sure you are in a covered area and, subsequently, evaluate which are the most convenient operators based on your specific needs: on our rate comparator you can find the most advantageous promotions, both in terms of price and performance, without forgetting the additional services that are now increasingly common (for example, TV streaming).

First you need to know that the coverage Fiber optic internet can be of two types, FTTS or FTTC (Fiber to the street / cabinet, relating to those connections where the optical fiber from the control panel reaches the cabinet, or road cabinet, and therefore retains the copper pair for the last section) e FTTH (Fiber to the home, in which the fiber goes from the control unit to the user's home). Both approaches guarantee excellent performance: the FTTC is faster as installation and therefore less expensive, the FTTH guarantees higher theoretical speeds.

In the major centers, the networks in optic fiber of operators such as Fastweb, Telecom, Vodafone they allow you to reach speeds that can even reach 500 Mbit / s in download, ideal for streaming music and movies and advanced technologies such as video presence and the cloud. Furthermore, video calls with Skype and VoiP services are of the highest quality and online gaming is guaranteed with fluidity and low latency.

For many operators, 2016 has so far been and will continue to be the year of investment in network infrastructure in the coming months, including Fiber optic internet. We will see more and more urban centers affected by cabling works, to offer all citizens, in addition to the advantages of a fast connection, also the convenience of a faster and more efficient relationship with the public administration. Stop wasting time in endless queues and finally go to the smart city model.

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