How to use the conditioner

How to use the conditioner

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By following a few simple rules on how to use the conditioner you can save energy (even a lot if you are a regular user) gaining health. But first a question: do you know what the difference is between an air conditioner and an air conditioner?

Both are devices that are used to change the temperature of closed environments, but while air conditioners only intervene on the temperature (generally lowering it when it's hot and more rarely heating it), air conditioners can also filter the air and regulate humidity. From an energy point of view, however, little changes and the rules on how to use the conditioner also apply to the air conditioner.

How to use the conditioner

  • Turn on the device only in case of need and not out of habit (it is okay that it is summer but it does not mean that every day is so hot) and in any case only during the hottest hours of the day. The conditioner it is the most energy-intensive of household appliances and consumes as much as a 300-liter fridge.
  • Install the conditioner so that the air circulates freely in front of the inlet and outlet, otherwise it is useless.
  • Avoid placing the conditioner in a spot where the sun shines. If the appliance is in a sunny position it consumes up to 5% more energy.
  • Make sure that while the conditioner is in operation the doors and windows are tightly closed. If the environment remains empty for more than 24 hours, the appliance must be switched off.
  • Shield the windows (if possible) with sun visors and sun protection films. In this way, less starting power will be needed to cool the environment. The double glazing makes the air conditioning action more effective and saves energy.
  • Dispose of the condensation water of the conditioner.
  • Adjust the thermostat of the conditioner second level of comfort desired according to the season, but if possible maintaining a temperature difference between inside and outside of no more than 6 ° C. The feeling of comfort is not only given by the temperature, but also by the level of humidity. Looking at energy saving and health, an internal temperature of 26-27 ° C is to be considered ideal. As for humidity, the ideal value (hygrometric comfort) varies between 40 and 60 percent.
  • Constantly check that the filters of the conditioner are clean. Dirty filters increase energy consumption and are not hygienic because they trap dust, mites, pollen and pollutants.
  • Make sure that the air-conditioned environment is isolated from non-air-conditioned environments and avoid the use of appliances that produce heat during the hottest hours.

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