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Woodworms, all the info

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Do woodworms fly? Do they make noise? Do they attack humans? Here are all the answers and how to get rid of wood borers and the holes they cause.

Woodworms pose a very serious threat to furniture in the home. In this regard, we will show you how to remove these unwanted pets in a simple way and with minimal expense.


Before seeing how to eliminate woodworms, we will reveal some common curiosities about the characteristics of these insects and their life cycle.

Do woodworms fly?
No, the brown elytra is used as a shield and is not used for flying. You've probably stumbled uponmothsother very common insects in furniture. Moths, unlike woodworms, feed on the tissues.

Do woodworms attack humans?
Technically no, the woodworm is not dangerous for humans. The woodworm becomes dangerous for humans when it is in turn attacked by a parasite. When the woodworm hosts its parasites, these can be the cause of itchy bites.

Do woodworms make noise?
There are many species of woodworm, the woodworms that produce noise when devouring wood are called "woodworms" or "woodworms". These are not the common small woodworms, they are larger in size (up to 5 cm) and produce noise as they devour the wood lignin.

How to eliminate woodworms

In this paragraph we will tell you what it takes to eliminate wood borers, we will suggest useful products to buy and, later, we will explain how to use them effectively.

Here's what it takes to get rid of woodworms from furniture.

  • Anti-woodworm / anti-woodworm insecticide solution
  • Syringe
  • Transparent film: the common kitchen film

Other grandmother's remedies are not recommended in case of infestation.

Insecticide against woodworms

For the effectiveness of the woodworm treatment, the use of generic insecticides is not recommended. Better to choose a anti-woodworm treatment professional as it can affect both adults and pupae (developing worms), respects the integrity of the wood and continues by carrying out preventive action.

Remember that the "professional woodworm treatments" areSurgical medical devicestherefore, for use, all safety procedures must be observed in order to reduce contact between the anti-woodworm liquid and the skin. The market offers manywoodworm products, but few are professional. For the purchase, it is better if you go to a restorer or a specialized shop, if you choose to buy and sell online, make sure it is a "Surgical Medical Device" so as to ascertain its effectiveness.

On Amazon, a professional NON-toxic and safe woodworm ant for home use, is offered at a price of 9.50 euros. For all information, please visit the Amazon page:NOV7 active solution(it is effective against adult woodworms and larvae).

Why are common insecticides not suitable?
First of all because they cannot penetrate deeply into the wood, then because they are bad for your health. Generic chemical insecticides are absorbed by the wood and then slowly released into the domestic atmosphere, this means that the inhabitants of the house will breathe, on a daily basis and for a long time, very low doses of toxic substances. THEanti-woodworm treatments specific ones, however, remain in the wood and are designed to dissolve without causing damage to domestic health.

How to perform a woodworm treatment

  1. Apply the anti-woodworm by filling the small holes on the piece of furniture you intend to restore; for this you will need a syringe.
  2. Once this is done, cover the whole piece of furniture with transparent film; the one commonly used in the kitchen will do.
  3. Let the product act for about ten days
  4. After this time, remove the transparent film; in this way the woodworms are definitively eradicated!

How to plug woodworm holes

In this case you will need a wax stick and a candle or a match to heat the wax. Let's see how to continue.

First of all, buy wax with a color compatible with your furniture to be treated. On the market there are wax sticks for any wood finish, white, off-white, straw yellow, cherry, mahogany, walnut, wenge, black, sapele, oak, pine, honey, ash, hazel ... When buying, make sure you choose the most suitable coloring.

There is a wide choice in specialist restoration shops. The choice is not lacking even on Amazon where we point out the cheapest product: a set of wax sticks offered at the price of 7.11 euros with free shipping costs.

For every information:Veleca wax sticks

Once you have selected the most suitable colored wax for your furniture, continue in this way.

  1. Light a candle and start heating the stick. As soon as semi-liquid wax forms, seal each hole. At this stage, all you have to do is heat the wax stick and press it in correspondence with the holes. Make sure the stick of the same color as the furniture to avoid color discrepancies.
  2. The wax will have to plug the hole and, to smooth the surface, make sure it is still hot when finishing.
  3. To complete the operation, you need to polish the furniture using a soft cloth and furniture polish.

Woodworms, useful recommendations

  • To avoid the reappearance of the woodworms it is necessary to close the holes. The holes left by the larvae are exploited by the adult woodworms for the deposition of new eggs. Eliminating the holes will prevent the problem. Eliminate even small wood lesions.
  • Periodically, for fine woods, perform a treatment with beeswax, it is a natural repellent for xylophagous insects, useful againstmoths and woodworms.
  • It is best to keep the furniture in a well-ventilated and dry room as woodworms thrive in a humid habitat.
  • Eucalyptus essential oil is a good natural anti-woodworm repellent, you can add it to your classic detergent and use it for daily cleaning of furniture.

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