Maintain your lawn in winter

Maintain your lawn in winter

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Many think that take care of the lawn be it a spring or summer activity. It's wrong. To be effective and give good results, lawn care must last all year round. Because there is not only the mowing and mowing of the turf, but also the fertilization and cleaning. During the winter and autumn operations are rarer and less tiring, this is true, but there is something to do.

Winter lawn care

Let's start with winter. To prevent the turf from being damaged when the ground is covered with ice and frost (which usually begins in November in the coldest Italian regions), it is necessary to avoid walking on it and carrying out any mechanical intervention, including cutting.

Take care of the lawn in short, when it is frozen it means suspending all maintenance operations on the turf, except for one which, given the conditions, will be even better: surface cleaning. With the rake or the iron broom you can remove the dry leaves, the twigs and the annual weeds that will now be yellowed.

This operation must be done several times and repeated with care because the deposits left on the surface could suffocate the grass and limit the circulation of air and water. But be careful where you put your feet. To avoid stepping on the grass, you can use wooden planks resting on the ground as runners.

Before the frosts begin, however, it is necessary to prepare the lawn to overcome the rigors of the cold with winter cover. This consists of evenly distributing a layer of good soil mixed with peat and seasoned manure on the lawn surface. If the soil is very compact, a good dose of sand (20-30%) can also be added.

For a good winter cover, about 2.5-3 cubic meters of soil will be needed for every 100 square meters of lawn. This cover protects the grass from the cold, improves the texture of the soil, keeps the formation of the felt under control and provides nutrients that the lawn will gradually use until spring.

And even earlier, that is, in early autumn, do not forget the overseeding of the lawn to keep it beautiful green until spring.

Here you will find a good spreader and fertilizer / a>

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