How to choose the lawn mower

How to choose the lawn mower

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How to choose the lawn mower:in case you need to replace an old onelawn mowerand you are ready to make a purchase, do not be hasty! Do not go to just one retailer and try to speculate on the price by hunting for the product with the best quality / price ratio.

At the outset you can go to a large specialized shopping center (typeLeroy Marlin)and ask for information to the staff explaining your needs and above all by pointing out the type ofmeadowthat you need to cut. The choice oflawn mowerit's all about the type of turf you have.

How to choose the lawnmower, rotary blade lawnmower

For example, if your lawn consists of species belonging to the generaLolium and Festuca, to have a perfect cut, just buy the classicrotary-blade lawnmower: this kind oflawn mowerit is very handy and is one of the most popular models in the hobby field.

How to choose the lawn mower, helical blade lawn mower

The practical rotary-blade lawnmower is not suitable for fine lawns, nor is the model that performs the so-called mulching cut. If your turf is valuable, that is, it is made up of mixtures of fine-leaved varieties such as those belonging to the generaAgrostis and Poa, we advise you to buy a lawnmower equipped with a helical blade which, thanks to the shape of the cutting surface, performs a burr-free cut. The use of ahelical blade lawn mowerrequires more frequent cuts because the machine is unable to cut grass that is too high, longer than 2-3 cm. The helical blade lawnmower was created for the routine maintenance of fine lawns, so it can only operate on surfaces free of any type of debris: before use, make sure there are no stones or twigs.

How to choose the lawn mower, mulching
THElawn mowerwhich carry out the so-called cutmulching it is very popular for its practicality of use. It is not suitable for fine grassy carpets and its use is not recommended in winter and late autumn: despite the type of cut, in autumn and winter it is recommended to collect the cut grass as cold temperatures do not allow its degradation .

Mulching cuts the grass stalks into small parts so that they can be left on the lawn: these residues, in favorable conditions and thanks to the action of different types of microorganisms, degrade in a short time; however, the same grass residues, in cold seasons and especially in humid areas, can cause rot or mold on the turf.

For very large lawns and for those with snow problems, the use ofRider lawnmower.

For further information on the choice of the moweraccording to the type of lawn, we refer you to the article:Lawnmower, which one to choose

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