Free carbonated water in Milan

Free carbonated water in Milan

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Free sparkling water in Milan thanks to the Milano Blu project, launched in March 2013 but which still continues to be successful among Milanese citizens.

The Milano Blu project consists in the installation of automated distributors of still and sparkling water taken from the Milanese aqueduct network which also feeds the citizens' taps. The distributors were named "Houses of water“.

The service is available free of charge through the Lombardy Regional Service Card equipped with a microchip (the health card) and allows you to withdraw up to 6 liters per day for each person, with dispensing of 0.5 liters, 1 liter or 1 liter and half.

The dispensers are equipped with a UV lamp installed on the dispensing spout to ensure protection from possible retro contamination of bacteria.

The plants are also equipped with 4 video cameras to prevent vandalism and for security reasons.

Personally, I think this is an excellent initiative that should be communicated more effectively and expanded to a greater number of areas in Milan.

Being able to drink carbonated water for free during a walk or a bike ride around the city for me it is an opportunity which is added to the offer of excellent natural water of the many widowers in the city, even if often, unfortunately, they do not work.

Below you will find the video presentation of the initiative shot in 2013.

Also from a design point of view, I must say that the Water Houses have a pleasant and modern look that fits well into urban furnishings or city parks.

Below the Casa dell’Acqua to drink still and sparkling water for free located in via Morgagni.

Water house in Via Morgagni

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