How to grow arugula on the balcony

How to grow arugula on the balcony

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Due to its purifying, diuretic and digestive properties, the rocket salad it is a very popular vegetable used in cooking; the leaves have an intense, almost spicy flavor that characterizes them.

There are two varieties, the domestic one and the wild one; they differ slightly both in the shape of the leaves and in the flavor, moreover the domestic variety is cultivated as an annual while the wild one is a perennial plant.

Grow the rocket in your garden it does not require special cultivation knowledge and can also be done in a small space on the balcony, the only warning is to keep it sheltered from the wind.
The life cycle of the rocket salad it's pretty fast; after sowing which is usually done in spring, it can be harvested to be consumed after a few weeks. Let's see in detail how to grow rocket following some useful indications.

How to grow arugula on the balcony, the procedure
It can be grown in any type of soil, the more arid it will be, the more spicy it will give the leaves. It takes about a month from sowing to harvesting; it grows without problems even in autumn and in some areas of Italy where the cold is not particularly harsh, the rocket maintains its vegetative capacity even in winter. For sow the rocket, the seeds should be scattered if you proceed to cultivate in the open ground, or indoors in a container; we will see how to proceed for the potted rocket cultivation.

1) Get yourself a jar with a diameter of about 20 cm, but a rectangular container is also fine, the important thing is that it is large.
2) At the bottom of the pot, place a layer of expanded clay to facilitate water drainage, then fill with a good universal soil; alternatively you can mix the soil with a part of sand.
3) Spread the seeds and cover with a thin layer of earth then irrigate constantly and generously, being careful not to cause water stagnation.

How to grow arugula on the balcony, useful information
It is preferable to grow the seedlings in full sun
There is no need to administer any type of fertilizer: if it is a question of plants grown in the ground, just dig the soil well in depth beforehand.
When the plants produce the flowering stems they must be eliminated to prevent the leaves from taking on a bitter taste.

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