How to grow ginger

How to grow ginger

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The ginger, perennial herbaceous plant whose fresh or dried roots are used, it has long been appreciated for its high beneficial properties. In the kitchen it is used in powder form to flavor soups, fish, vegetables, desserts, bread and the like. It is also used in the manufacture of liqueurs, syrups and beer.

Since it is an oriental spice, one is led to think that it is impossible to grow ginger in one's garden: nothing could be more wrong, its cultivation does not require particular efforts. In this regard, let's see how to grow ginger in pot following some important precautions.

How to grow ginger, directions

  • The best time to plant the rhizomes (root) of ginger goes between the end of winter and the beginning of summer: make sure that the roots already have some sprouts
  • Since the roots need space to develop, get yourself a rather large and deep pot that you will fill with well-drained clay-sandy soil and compost because it is a crop that needs a lot of nourishment: a 35 cm diameter pot can accommodate up to three seedlings
  • If the rhizome has many shoots, you can cut them into several pieces (each with at least two shoots) so as to obtain more plants from a single root: each piece of root must have at least two shoots
  • Bury the rhizomes about 4 cm deep from the surface of the soil with the shoots upwards and water regularly, at least once a day, without abounding with water to avoid creating stagnation
  • Once the rhizomes have been planted, place the pot in the sun and sheltered from the cold and wind: the ideal would be a temperature never lower than 15 degrees
  • Generally after 5-6 months the ginger plant blooms in the shape of a yellow ear, at this point you will have to cut the flowers that steal nourishment from the rhizome

Useful recommendation: buy the roots in stores specializing in organic products; those you find in the supermarket may have been treated with substances to delay their germination.

How to grow ginger, collected
To harvest the root, wait for the leaves to dry out: if you want, you can re-bury the roots that you consider in surplus. The root that you will collect for use in the kitchen must be cleaned of the soil and secondary roots. If ginger is not used fresh, you can naturally dry it in the sun and then reduced to powder: in both cases it can be used to exploit all the beneficial properties of ginger.

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