How to dry chillies

How to dry chillies

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THEchili Peppersspicythey are widely used in cooking. Thechili pepperit is eaten fresh,dried, smoked, cooked or raw. In this article we will see how to dry chillies.

Contrary to what many think, those are not the seedsspicy,to contain thecapsacin(the substance that makes "strong”A chilli) is the inner membrane ofchili pepper, so who wants to consumedried chillies,during the preparation phase, he can freely remove the seeds.

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How to dry hot peppers

Forpreserve the hot peppersyou can use a simple food bag to freeze in the freezer, or you can try to understandhow chillies dryand then take action!

Before seeing in detailhow to dry chillies, remember that for each phase of this work you will have to wear gloves and never bring your hands to your eyes, nose or mouth!

How to dry chillies in the sun

The process ofdrying the chillies in the sunit is the most traditional and above all at no cost: you will not have to invest even a megawatt of energy. Fordry the peppers in the sunyou just have to check two parameters:
-weather conditions

Consult the weather forecast and plan todry the peppersin the sun when there will be more sunny days in a row. Arrange the chili Peppers in the sun, possibly on a tight mesh net and every day take care to ensure maximum sun exposure and minimum exposure to humidity: in the late afternoon bring thechili Peppersallotment, in a dry place.

Fordry the peppersfaster you can cut them at the outset. Remove the stalk with a pair of scissors and cut your peppers in half (making two equal parts). Remove the seeds and arrange each half with the cut side down.

If you are not in a hurry and want to get somedried chilliesalso beautiful to look at, arm yourself with string and make a row ofchili Pepperslike those shown in the photo by tying the stalks to each other.

You candry the pepperseven outside the window, as long as there are no drafts and to turn them so as to ensure homogeneous sun exposure.

How to make dried chillies in the oven

Those who live in areas with high humidity cannot do dry the peppers in the sun, so it will necessarily have to use the oven.

1) Preheat the oven
Fordry the peppers in the ovenpreheat it at low speed (70-80 ° C), even less if it is a convection oven (40 - 50 ° C).

2) Clean i chillies to be dried
Clean ichili Peppersremoving the petiole and seeds.

3) Disposition of chili Peppers
Arrange thechili Peppersin a baking dish making sure that they do not touch each other. The peppers should go with the cut side down.

3) Bake
Place the pan in the oven and leave the door slightly open.

4) Drying times
It may take about 6 hours to dodry the peppers in the oven.

How to dry chillies with a dryer

There are dryers of all prices and sizes on the market, so you don't necessarily have to spend a fortune to win this appliance.

A dryer is a very versatile household appliance, it can be used for dry chillies, aromatic herbs… but above all vegetables rich in liquids such as fruit itself (plum, figs, apricots…), tomatoes and mushrooms, which are more difficult to dry in the sun.

Thedryersare the fastest and easiest solution fordry the peppers, even in large quantities.

How does a dryer work?

A fan sucks in the air from the environment and passes it over an electrical resistance depriving it of moisture and then pours it onto chillies to be dried.

The simpler and cheaper models are made up of rectangular or round grids which, when superimposed, allow you to dry even 1 - 1.5 kg of hot peppers for each cycle. The more elaborate and professional models (air flow) allow you to dry even more than 3 kg of chillies for each cycle with careful temperature regulation.

If you are considering purchasing a dryer fordry the peppers quickly, we suggest some of the most popular models on the market. We divide them by price in order to offer you a valid option for any type of investment.

Stockli, power 600W
Price: 152 euros, offered in promo on Amazon with free shipping
Why is it so expensive? For the power, for the capacity and above all because the grids are expandable (therefore very large) and because it gives the possibility to regulate the temperature so as to perform optimal drying based on the type of vegetable to be dried. It also has an automatic shutdown timer.

The appliance is expandable, so by purchasing other racks you can also dry 3 kg or more of chillies for each cycle, however if you do not buy extra racks, 3 will come out in the package, they will be enough for dry a kg ofchili Peppersfor each cycle. Small tip: if you buy grids to take advantage of the "expandable" function and dry larger quantities of chillies, I suggest you choose metal grids because the plastic ones will have to be washed several times to make the spicy left by yours go awaychili Peppers! Metal grids wash much easier.

Bomann DR435 CB
Price: € 44.40 with free shipping on Amazon
Thedryersentry-level are all more or less valid and have a price range ranging from 25 to 90 euros. Rather than buying a more expensive one, I would like to point out this one which, like all enty levels, does not have the possibility of regulating the temperature but has a great advantage: unlike other models, even more expensive ones, the air is pumped on the fruit by the 'high; the advantage is that the hot air, coming down from the top, passes over the peppers to be dried twice (going down to the center and going up the sides), the disadvantage that the support surface tends to heat up but this is not a big problem . The grids are made of plastic only, so I recommend that you always use the same ones for the chillies or arm yourself with a lot of patience for cleaning: use alcohol to wash the plastic grids and let them dry in the open air.

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