Portable photovoltaic panels kit, prices and guide to the choice

Portable photovoltaic panels kit, prices and guide to the choice

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The market offers usportable photovoltaic panels kitof any size; by the little onessolar chargersoffered at low prices (even less than 20 euros) to the most complete portable photovoltaic systems with prices starting at around 60 euros.

THEportable photovoltaic panels kitthey can be very useful for those who travel often and love the charm of adventure (camping in the open air, trips to remote locations ...) or for those who live in areas at risk where power outages are frequent.

Portable photovoltaic, how to choose the power of the kit

When purchasing aportable photovoltaic panels kitwe must have clear ideas about which power to choose, this depends on the use we intend to make of it. What equipment do you want to power with the portable photovoltaic panel kit? To understand the power to choose, check the current ofOutputindicated on the nameplate of the charger you use to recharge the electrical device in question.

If with theportable photovoltaicyou intend to power more devices (smartphone, tablet, camera…), analyze the plate of the one that consumes the most. The current ofOutputit is indicated with a voltage and a current value, so you will have, for example, "12V and 800mA" or, 12V for the voltage and 2.9 A for the current (these indicated are the typical output values ​​of laptops) .

Having analyzed the output current, you will have to chooseportable photovoltaic panels kitthat have the rated current as close as possible to the Output current of the device to be loaded. We advise you to choose aportable photovoltaic panels kitfrom the rated current equal to or greater than the output current of your device. If a portable device has a 600 mA output current, choose aportable photovoltaic panels kitwith a nominal power of 800 mA it would be ideal.

Never choose aportable photovoltaic panels kitfrom the rated current lower than the Output current indicated on the charger supplied with the device you want to recharge. Electrical devices require minimal charging current.

Indicatively we can say that:

  • THEportable photovoltaic panelsup to 6 Watts of nominal power can charge smartphones, mp3 players and cameras
  • THEportable photovoltaic panelswith power between 10-15 Watts they can power more energy-intensive devices such as video cameras and GPS
  • Theportable photovoltaicwith a power of at least 40 watts it can be used to power a notebook

Portable photovoltaic panels kit, prices

As stated, the cost of aportable photovoltaic kitit fluctuates a lot, starting from the classic 20 euros if the output power is minimal (to power a single smartphone) up to a cost of over 1000 euros if we are talking about powers above 1,000 watts.

Yeti 1250 Solar - 1250 Watt
The Yeti Solar portable solar panel kit is sold with 1250 Watt accumulator and has a price of around 1600 euros. Available online on the official Goal Zero store. Further information on:portable electric generators Goal Zero.

Carrying case portable solar 100 Watt
The small plant portable solar shown in the photo is produced by the GP Solar company and was designed for campers: it is easy to carry as it can be folded up to take the shape of a suitcase. This portable photovoltaic kit does not need additional control units to function and is suitable for powering stereo systems, notebooks, GPS, small TVs, portable refrigerators ...

Theportable photovoltaic kitGP Solar is offered on Amazon at a price of 162.26 euros. An 80 Watt version is also available at a cost of around 120 euros. The closed case has dimensions of 68 x 54 x 8 cm. It is equipped with a 12V voltage regulator with two charging outputs.

Those who do not like online shopping can turn to retailers such asLeroy Merlin which offer a wide range ofportable photovoltaic panelsbut in this case the prices are higher. For example, a portable solar kit of only 5 watts, suitable for lighting (it can power 2 light bulbs), is offered for 79.90 euros.

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