LED relamping: a bargain

LED relamping: a bargain

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An intervention by LED relamping can save from 40% to 60% on your electricity bill. And then there are the savings on maintenance, which reaches as much as 80 percent of the expense, and the tax deductions provided for energy redevelopment. All with the same light output, and in some cases with an improvement in comfort.

The advantages are also for the environment. With a LED relamping of the simplest, for example replacing a neon ceiling light with an LED ceiling light, it avoids the emission of about 225 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere; the equivalent of carbon dioxide absorbed by nine fir trees in a year.

Great, but what is LED relamping? Relamping simply means replacing a light bulb (burnt out or still working) with a new one, assuming and implying that the new one saves money. If we talk about LED relamping it means that the new lamps are of the Light Emitting Diode type, a technology that offers indisputable benefits.

LED lamps consume much less and last much longer than the 'traditional' halogen, metal halide or neon lamps (energy saving). The other advantage is that they last longer, even 10 and more years considering an average ignition time of 2000 hours a year (savings on maintenance). The disadvantage is that they cost even more, but if you do the math well and add the tax eco-bonus, a LED relamping it's a great deal.

Another feature of a LED relamping it is the ease with which it can be implemented. Since this is a plug & play intervention, there is no need for interventions or modifications to the existing electrical system: remove the old bulb and put the new one on. At the most, it is possible to evaluate an intervention extended to the lighting body (size and shape of the ceiling lights, supports…) to satisfy needs for comfort, but it is one more.

Normally a LED relamping begins with an energy diagnosis of the existing (consumption analysis) followed by the drafting of a project for an efficiency project that allows you to compare the savings achievable with the new lighting and the amortization time of the expense. The implementation, in the end, is the least demanding phase.

Do you want to do the LED relamping of your home? Start with some light point. You can also find good quality LED bulbs online:

Teardrop LED bulb E27 9.5W = 60W(60W warm white light)

LED drop bulb E27 6W = 40W (40W warm white light)

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