Homemade tomato sauce

Theretomato sauceit is the key ingredient for the preparation of countless sauces used as a condiment for pasta, meats or vegetables. Today we will talk abouthomemade tomato sauceexplaining the difference betweentomato puree,peeled andtomato concentrate.

Theretomato sauce can be prepared in several ways, generally, when we talk abouttomato pureewe refer to the classic sauce obtained from the simple cooking of tomatoes; when we talk abouttomato concentratewe refer to asauceobtained by eliminating excess water from the past. Again, anothertomato saucevery common is given bypeeled,it's abouttomatoeswithoutskinswhich can be kept whole (with the classicspeeled tomatoes in a jar) or diced to obtain thetomato pulp.

In the articleHow to store tomatoes, we have explained to you how to proceed with the preparation of the classichomemade tomato sauceto be used for conservation. Thecanned tomatoesthey can also be used for a couple of years after preparation.

How to prepare tomato preserves
After washing the tomatoes, they are placed in a pot over high heat still very rich in water. When the tomatoes start to boil, the heat is turned off and the cooking liquid is waited for to surface.

When cooking for the preparation oftomato sauce, tomatoes can be put whole (perfect for those who intend to prepare peeled or tomato pulp), or cut in half. Those who cut them in half often take a long time to remove the seeds while to remove the seeds we advise you to pass the sauce sieve once the preparation is finished.

Remove the excess water and pass the tomatoes in a special electric machine (or in a manual vegetable mill).

Theretomato saucehomemade for preserves, it will have to go through a phase of home pasteurization. Place thetomato saucein sterile half-liter containers, close the containers and immerse them in water to boil, in a large steel pot. Place the pot on the stove and from the moment of boiling, let it pasteurize for 35 minutes. All the information can be found in the article on Homemade tomato preserves.

Variation for the tomato concentrate
To preparehomemade tomato paste, once the purée is obtained, remove the excess water by filtration with a clean linen or cotton cloth. This system to do the tomato concentrateit is very slow but simple: it is the method used in the peasant tradition. For further information, consult the pageHomemade tomato paste.

Variation formake peeled tomatoes at home
To prepare the tomato preserves, we refer you to the guide articleHow to make peeled tomatoes at home.

During preparation, to avoid any risk of contamination and prevent the onset ofbotulismwe advise you to follow all the guidelines indicated on the pageBotulism and homemade preserves.

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