All methods of rose propagation

All methods of rose propagation

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Propagation of the rose: cutting, offshoot, layering or grafting. A guide that will explain how to multiply the most beautiful roses in your garden.

Formultiply a roseit is possible to use one of the four methods indicated in the introduction: cutting, offshoot, layering or grafting. These methods have two degrees of difficulty, cutting offshoot and layering are very simple while grafting is recommended only for those with some experience. The graft indicated for the squad is the scudetto one. The best time forpropagate the rosevaries according to the system chosen, themultiplication of the roseit can be performed in spring, summer or autumn.

Exist variety of roses for every need, if you have identified the variety that is right for you and you intendpropagate it, you can use one of the methods described here.

Propagation of the rose by cuttings

General indications:
Theremultiplication of the rose by cuttingsconsists in rooting a portion of a branch taken from a mother plant.

Best time to take the rose cutting:
Therepropagation by cuttingsit can be carried out in two periods, between June and July if not yet lignified cuttings are used (ie with young and green branches). Between November and December if you employcuttingslignified, that is, branches with a darker and more consistent bark.

How to make the rose cutting
The rose cutting can be done either from a leaf or from a branch. Forpropagate the rose by cuttingswe advise you to follow our instructions on:
How to make the rose cutting
Rose cutting from the leaf

Propagation of the rose, the Margotta

General indications:
Therepropagation of the rose by layeringit is performed when the plant has too rigid branches. Formultiply the rosefor layering you can use dark plastic (such as that of bags for the undifferentiated) or buy a special wrapping for air layering that must be filled with soil and moss in order to keep the engraved part of the branch moist and help the development of the roots.

When to perform multiplication by layering?
Therelayering bsi runs from May to September.

How to make the rose layering
For complete instructions (illustrated guide), please refer to the page dedicated to Margotta on pink.

Propagation of the rose with scudetto graft

General indications:
With multiplication bygrafting we try to obtain a more robust and long-lived plant than the mother plant as our graft will be fed by the roots of a wild rose. Among the different types of grafting, the most suitable forrose propagationit is the scudetto graft that is easier to take root.

When to graft the rose?
The scudetto grafting is carried out in May-June with the vegetating bud or in September if with a dormant bud.

How is the rose grafted?
For instructions on how to propagate the rose with the graft we refer you to the articleHow to graft a rose.

Propagation of the rose by offshoot

General indications:
Propagation by offshoot is indicated for ground cover roses (the so-called ground cover roses). This is a very simple method of rose propagation to implement but it will be necessary to choose roses that have long and flexible branches.

When does it multiply by offshoot?
The best period for the multiplication of the rose by offshoot coincides with late spring-early summer, that is, between the months of May and June.

Multiplication of the rose by offshoot, how to proceed
The instructions for multiplying the rose by offshoot are contained in the page entitled "Multiplication of the rose through offshoots“.

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