The maintenance of a photovoltaic system

The maintenance of a photovoltaic system

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Cleaning the photovoltaic panels is the basis of maintenance ordinary of a solar system, but it is not the only intervention to be implemented.

Sure, aphotovoltaic systemwell designed, being free of moving parts, it needs onemaintenanceminimal. Quite different speech if thephotovoltaic systemhome has a solar tracker that requires more attention to be devoted to the mechanical components that allow the movement of thepanel.

Those who decide to install a solar system, at the time of signing the sales contract, can choose to implement amaintenanceperiodically based on the needs and complexity of the system. If aphotovoltaic systemstands on the roof of your beach house, you will probably need moremaintenancecompared to aplantwhich rises in the plains and away from trees and other risk factors.

What does the maintenance of a photovoltaic system consist of?

The maintenance of photovoltaic panels consists of a series of more or less complex interventions.

  • Check the inverters with possible revision
    Inverters are the most delicate elements and most of the time they are supplied with a ten-year warranty. The intervention ofphotovoltaic maintenancemore expensive consists precisely in theoverhaul of inverterswhich can be carried out ten years after the first installation.
  • Performance check of the photovoltaic generator
    If there is a drop in performance, the cause must be identified immediately. If it is dictated by an accumulation of debris, it will be sufficient to carry out a thorough washing but it is not always that easy: a drop in performance can be generated by a technical failure of the cells or a connection that has gone bad.
  • Check electrical connections and wiring
    This verification should be entrusted to the experts.
  • Check the status of the modules
    If there is a drop in yield and all other causes have been excluded (electrical connections, problems with the inverter, shaded areas, excessive accumulation of dirt on the photovoltaic field ...), it is advisable to check the status of the cells to identify any faulty or no longer functional modules. This verification can be done in different ways, the most immediate involves the use of a thermal imaging camera.

As anticipated in the introduction, the importance of the cleaning the panels: the washing of the photovoltaic panels should be carried out by rain, however rainfall is too often not enough, so you will need to arm yourself with a brush and specific detergent to remove bird droppings, resins, various debris, dust and foliage residues.

Tips for choosing a brush for cleaning photovoltaics

We recommend a good brush for cleaning photovoltaic systems that you can easily buy online: Solar-Wash Kit Brush for photovoltaic cleaning

The brush can be associated with a specific detergent for solar panels, we recommend using the detergent only in the case of stubborn stains.

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