Compulsory heat metering

Compulsory heat metering

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There heat accounting becomes an obligation with the entry into force of Legislative Decree no. 102/2014 of 4 July 2014 (transposition of Directive 2012/27 / EU) which requires the adoption of thermoregulation systems and heat accounting individual. One more way to save energy in an attempt to comply with the energy efficiency regulations issued by the European Union.

This means that before 31 December 2016, condominiums (and multi-purpose buildings) served by a centralized thermal system or a district heating network must be equipped with heat accounting and thermoregulation.

There heat accounting it will allow to count the energy required by the single real estate units; thermoregulation, on the other hand, will allow you to independently adjust the temperature. Overall, the system will make it possible to divide the cost of heating, cooling and domestic hot water among all the condominiums.

But how many users are affected by the adoption of the new heat accounting? We do not have a national figure, but only in Lombardy (where the rule came into force earlier following a resolution of the regional council) the provision involves 180 thousand heating systems and approximately two million users. It is therefore a change of vast proportions, which is destined to change people's habits.

Thermostatic valves and chronothermostats

The thermostatic valves have the function of regulating the inflow of hot water into the radiator so as to keep the pre-set temperature on the valve itself constant. The adoption of multiple thermostatic valves in a home with independent heating allows the so-called point-by-point heating, which consists in regulating the temperature of the rooms in a different way (the kitchen usually has different heating needs from the bedroom).

The programmable thermostats, on the other hand, allow you to program temperatures at precise times, which allows us to find the warm house when returning without being forced to leave the heating system active. Programming ignition and operating temperatures contributes to lower consumption.

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