All uses of black soap

All uses of black soap

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Of the black soap there is a light version used as a beauty and cleansing treatment in all hammams in North Africa (and beyond). There is also a concentrated version, which can be diluted as needed, used for the toilet of pets and also to clean the house in a natural way.

When you say black soap, in short, specify the use you need to make of them because soaps and soap bars for personal hygiene are different from concentrated paste (to be handled with gloves) sold as an organic household cleaner. Even if the active ingredients do not change, olive oil and potash, which are the basis of the vegetable fat with which the black soap.

The use of the black soap in cosmetics such as shampoo and body scrub it is quite well known, even with the wording of African soap. Less well known is its use in domestic hygiene, from cleaning floors to laundry, and this is what we focus on.

Black soap for natural house cleaning

As versatile and effective as it is, the black soap is one of the products that should never be missing in the closet of organic detergents. You can wash parquet, marble and stone floors, tiles, linoleum, plastic surfaces and glass. In addition to cleaning, it sanitizes and makes surfaces shine.

With a higher concentration you can clean the sanitary ware, degrease the cooker hob, the hood, clean the oven and even the fryer basket. For fabrics, the black soap it also works better than Marseille soap as a pre-wash stain remover where the most resistant grease needs to be removed. It can also be used in the washing machine instead of the usual detergent.

The black soap concentrate for cleaning what is on the market in liquid or paste form, often in shops specializing in organic products and more rarely in supermarkets. Unlike soap bars, which are dermatologically tested, the concentrated paste must be handled carefully using gloves. The average dilution as a detergent is 2 tablespoons of black soap for 5 liters of water.

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For more information on the properties of black soap and its uses (as a natural exfoliant, for the well-being of the skin and to cleanse the face), we refer you to the article entitled Properties of Black soap.



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