How to keep pigeons away

How to keep pigeons away

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How to keep pigeons away: all the practical tips, devices and strategies to keep pigeons away from the balcony, the garden and other domestic environments.

THE pigeons they adapt perfectly to human environments. Our homes, gardens, terraces and balconies can become the perfect refuge for these birds. Although we share the same habitat, the relationship between man and pigeon it can be anything but friendly!

Sure, ipigeonsthey can entertain children and the elderly, deliver letters (carrier pigeons can travel more than 800 km at a speed of 70 km / h) or take aerial photos (before the advent of drones, so-called photographic pigeons were used), but when invading our balcony are very annoying, especially due to the corrosive feces that they leave everywhere.

Unfortunately there is no magic wand fordrive away pigeons but the solutions (especially those offered by the market) are really numerous. In order not to fall into scams, it is better to avoid non-serious expedients and preserve your dignity! Yes, because some traders propose statues of owls or hawks to ward off pigeons ... sometimes they are also animated by a mechanical device or emit sounds!

Do not use gimmicks not approved by experts or at least tried by friends or acquaintances already. Know that any "scarecrow "it can only be effective for a while (when it suits you), just as long as ipigeonsthey adapt to the newcomer and get used to it. For keep pigeons away from the balcony or roof, was once effective than simple reflective tape but now, pigeons have adapted to sparkles and glows too.

Drive away pigeons from the roof, garden or balcony with ultrasound

Ultrasounds would seem effective indrive away pigeons. When it comes to these devices, the only drawback is the price. To have a pigeon-based repellent ultrasound you have to be ready to shell out at least 600 euros.

There are also cheaper ultrasonic repellents on the market, but they would seem ineffective to keep pigeons, doves, swallows or seagulls away from the entire roof or from a terraced balcony. THE ultrasound-based repellents cheap are more effective for rodents, cats, dogs ... they seem to be effective against pigeons only when they must be removed from confined areas such as a flower box, a small balcony or a flower bed.

If you wantremove the pigeons from the roof of the apartment building, better coordinate in the assembly to buy a more powerful (and more expensive) device.

If you wantdrive away pigeonsfrom the small balcony of the house, you can rely on the cheapest ultrasound devices. On Amazon, for example, a good ultrasound device can be bought at a price of 19.90 euros with free shipping costs.

For all product info: ultrasonic bollard.

some readers have reported to us that this device actually works in confined spaces but that always on Amazon they paid € 34.31 and not € 19.90 as we reported. It is assumed that it will periodically be offered! :) If you find it at a higher price, wait for the promo to return!

Repellents in capsules

We do not know if they are effective but it is a very economical expedient so it is worth a try. These repellents (in gel, in granules or in liquid form) should be placed in the areas invaded by pigeons.

These products should dissolve in the atmosphere and emit an unwelcome odor from the pigeons themselves.

some of our readers have reported to us that these gel capsules are completely ineffective!

Chemical baits

Those who intend to definitively solve the pigeons problem (especially owners of photovoltaic systems, restaurants or accommodation facilities), need to implement effective strategies even in the long term. In this perspective, there are products (for example, Ovocontrol) that function as chemical bait.

You will not go to eliminate the pigeon that ingests the bait but will make the eggs sterile. In this way i pigeons they will not have new generations and within a few years the visits will drastically decrease until they disappear completely.

These treatments are long to perform and before any intervention we recommend that you consult a local veterinarian.

Mechanical repellents

To completely eliminate any accommodation and staging areas used by pigeons, you can use structures nicknamedspiked bollardsorspiked repellents. These are long needle needles sold in kits sold by the meter.

These repellents are used to cover the perimeter of the roof of the house or the windowsill of the balcony, terrace or veranda. On the market they are found in both plastic and metal, we recommend metal ones to avoid a replacement after only one year: rain, sun and hail tend to weaken the plastic andwood pigeonsbigger ones will have no difficulty breaking them. The situation with metal needles is quite different: more robust and durable over the years.

These pigeon repellents can be easily installed with the DIY even if you must comply with all safety prophylaxis in case of roof installation.

These kits, consisting of long needles, mechanically prevent pigeons from resting on buildings. They can be mounted on eaves or window sills.

On Amazon, a one-meter bar (made of stainless steel) can be bought for € 6.80 with free shipping.

Drive away the pigeons with electricity

There are electrostatic bollards. They are cheaper than metal bollards and require more attention for installation.

Electric bollards use very low voltage energy to create an electrostatic field and prevent pigeons from leaning on a balcony, touch or edge of a wall.

This system is proven and very effective, it is already used in other areas (in agriculture, to remove some small animals harmful to the garden) but requires an economic commitment to purchase a power system. Prices:

  • 149 euros for a 15-meter electrostatic bollard (for all the information visited "This Page“)
  • 299 euros for a 15-meter electrostatic bollard with power supply (for all information, visit "This Page“).

Battery life is very long. Just calculate that it is tested to power up to 400 meters of electrostatic bar. It can be recharged in the classic household electrical socket and does not require special chargers.

To get an idea about the product, I invite you to watch the video below. The video shows how to make corner fittings but you can also get an idea of ​​how the product is structured, which seems very durable over time.

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