Nature Award 2015: the winners

Nature Award 2015: the winners

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Among the winners of the Nature Award 2015 there is the bottle of Easy San Benedetto mineral water. Capacity 1 liter, before the green project line of San Benedetto, Easy is made for 50% with Rpet coming from the recycling of plastic. The advantages: less oil to produce it and less waste in landfills (there is no end of it) or on the streets (there are those who collect them for a profit). In addition, CO2 emissions in production are fully offset through the purchase of VERs-type credits (which finance eco-sustainability projects).

The others Nature Award 2015, all equal because there is no ranking, were assigned to: the Elastika design product line by Arda; Weleda's line of organic hair products; Chanteclair Vert detergent by Chanteclair; Autogtill's Villoresi Est roadside service; the Donnafugata Resort of NH Italia.

Three virtuous institutions that have distinguished themselves for green projects were also awarded, as per regulation: Municipality of Capannori (Lucca); Municipality of Soliera; Municipality of Torraca.

Nature Award 2015: the magnificent 9

Easy Ecogreen project of San Benedetto is the plastic bottle for mineral water that adds the advantages of recycled Pet (Rpet) to the 100% offsetting of CO2 emissions in production. Perhaps in the future we will see fewer plastic bottles abandoned in meadows and beaches since the green San Benedetto project, of which Easy is the standard-bearer, makes it clear that plastic bottles are also worth empty.

Elastika by Arpa is the line of drawing lines and squares produced with a special material that bends without breaking and without deforming, returning to the original shape. The goal of this innovation is not only to produce less polluting objects but also to last longer. The life cycle of Elastika is 2/3 times higher than other similar objects made of traditional plastic.

Hair line by Weleda is a line of hair and scalp cosmetics produced with cereals and other substances coming exclusively from organic crops (organic, biodynamic and certified spontaneous collection). All products are free of silicones, mineral oils, fragrances and synthetic preservatives.

Chanteclair Vert cleaners line is the range of products for laundry care (washing machine, by hand, softeners) and for cleaning domestic surfaces (glass, bathroom, floors and dishes) created with a dermatologically tested formula and green criteria. All Vert detergents are designed to: reduce the amount of product, reduce the energy used in production, reduce the consumption of water in washing, surfactants of vegetable origin obtained from renewable sources, 100% recyclable packaging.

Villoresi Est motorway service station (Monza and Brianza) is a service area that saves 166MW of electricity each year compared to a traditional store, with 59% fewer emissions. Characteristics are the capturing roof that collects the heat of the sun and a closed-circuit geothermal system consisting of 420 geothermal probes and 25 meters deep. Environmentally friendly and recyclable materials were used for the construction. In addition, a green area of ​​19 thousand square meters has been planned.

NH Donnafugata Resort (Ragusa) is a hotel dedicated to golf that was born from the recovery of an ancient farm in the Ragusa countryside. In the construction, solutions were used to ensure minimum environmental impact: heat pumps, solar thermal systems, fully LED lighting and an MBR purifier for the treatment of black water that is reused for irrigation. Also thanks to staff training on energy saving practices, electricity consumption has gone from the initial 3,838,000 kWh per year in 2011 to 2,915,000 kWh per year in 2013.

Municipality of Capannoni (Lucca) was awarded for the project "Concrete steps towards Zero Waste" based on the creation of a Zero Waste Research and Redesign Center. The product classification of waste aims to identify the type of materials and objects still present in the waste and recoverable.

Municipality of Solera (Modena) launched the Social Market "Bread and Roses", which is an anti-waste and solidarity ethical project. It consists of a network of solidarity between commercial businesses, organized distribution, craft workshops, industrial and agricultural activities, associations and citizens to recover products (not just food) to be distributed in a collection point to economically weak citizens in difficulty.

Municipality of Torraca, (Salerno) has aimed at protecting the environment and using renewable energy sources creating three photovoltaic systems for a total of about 150 kW. which make the country autonomous from an energy point of view. In the meantime, the construction of a factory has begun that will produce photovoltaic modules and will research in the photovoltaic sector. Torraca's public lighting network is entirely LED technology.

Nature Award is the annual recognition promoted by Green City and dedicated to products and services that are more attentive to the environment and ecology. All products and services can participate by registering, regardless of their temporal presence on the market. The characteristics that are evaluated concern both the ways in which the products are made and the intrinsic content and the collateral initiatives promoted. The winners first pass the evaluation of a Scientific Committee composed of directors of periodicals and university professors, then the judgment of a sample of 10,000 Italians through a research carried out by Green Intelligence.

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