Adopt a Robot: friendly reuse

Adopt a Robot: friendly reuse

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Adopt a Robot. It is an invitation, a suggestion, an advice. To experience the design culture of reuse. To have company. For a boost of creativity. Adopt a Robot is a project by Massimo Sirelli, a creative and wandering soul who loves and creates robots. They are "orphans of industrial progress, consumerism, merchandising, retro computers and disused technology". Who Adopt a Robot, can change their fate.

1) How and when did you come up with the idea of ​​Adopt a Robot?

The idea of Adopt a Robot came just before deciding to publish the site, initially designed only to show my creations. Little by little, the robots became many and many friends wanted one: so the idea of Adopt a Robot. Because I understood that it would be difficult to separate from them but at the same time I was glad that they could live in other houses. The idea of ​​selling them disturbed me: my robots are full of life and life is priceless. Then the concept of adoption took shape at the end of 2013.

2) What does it consist of? In addition to the sympathy for robots, is this an idea to promote reuse design? How and with what results?
Obviously robots are my passion. In the project Adopt a Robot I have included my passions: I love rare objects, things rich in history and dust. I don't like waste and I'm amazed every time I see a second life in an object destined for garbage. The results of Adopt a Robot they have been incredible and this makes me feel like a little super hero at times! Because through robots I am able to pass extremely precious concepts and values: the reuse design, the recycling, the recovery of historical memory, love for one's own experience and history.

3) How do you build your robots? Where and how do you get the material and how do you assemble it?
My robots are born in my house. They are born at the most unlikely times ... in the late evening or at dawn. I go to bed late at night to screw in bolts and wake up early in the morning for touch-ups and finishes. The material for the project Adopt a Robot comes from targeted research or from simple chance. I am an omnivore of beauty: when something inspires me I try to acquire the object, often I stop people, or I ask them to give me a certain object and tell them what I'm going to do there. What amazes me is that people give me what I wanted because they fall in love with Adopt a Robot.

4) how do you apply for an adoption? Are there any specific requirements?
The only requirement for Adopt a Robot is to have a "HEART".

5) How many robots have been adopted so far? Who Adopts a Robot?

There are about 50 robots who have happily found a home, and they are the robots who have chosen their family. Usually who Adopt a Robot it does so in a targeted manner, because the story of that Robot is really unique and intimately linked to the story of the adoptive family. When this happens, and it has happened many times, I get excited.

6) In addition to the site for adoptions, do you also do exhibitions, initiatives, laboratory activities for adults or children?

Yes. I understand that Adopt a Robot it is a means of communicating and sharing strong values. I sacrificed my real job to fully dedicate myself to these activities to share my thoughts and my creative idea with the little ones and their parents. On 21 February we are promoting a family workshop at the FAB LAB in Milan, for example.

7) You have traveled a lot, for Adotta un Robot: how is reuse outside the border conceived and experienced?

I have traveled far and wide and in 2015 I don't want to stop for a single day. I have met many people and I am happy to see that a silent one is taking place, and fortunately, less and less silent, Revolution. The theme of recycling design is very hot and can be seen in every sector, in every event, in every activity. By now the awareness that one must be attentive to reduce waste, reducing production in favor of recycling is strong. This is the future. W the re-made, W i Robot.

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