How to eliminate drafts

How to eliminate drafts

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How to eliminate drafts: all the solutions for eliminate drafts from doors and windows so as to lower consumption and save on the bill.

In this article we will see how to remove the drafts of doors, windows, sliding windows, roller shutter boxes, shutters, pipes and the current generated by the chimney pot.

The fixtures represent the weak link in insulation! Do you have any idea how much energy you have wasted on heating because cold air kept entering from the profile of doors and windows?

The situation does not change in the summer, when many people are forced to increase the cooling intensity of the air conditioner to cope with the hot air that enters continuously. The drafts they burden, insatiable, on our energy bill and, in addition, undermine domestic comfort. Let's face it,cursed drafts

Fortunately, there is no problem without a solution. Users who wanteliminate draftsthey have two options:
-home refurbishing
do it yourself to eliminate drafts

Those who decide to renovate a house to improve its energy efficiency can benefit from tax deductions of up to 65%, while if you take advantage of the simple renovation bonus, the deductions drop to 50% but you can add the possibility of buying appliances and furniture with the same. tax relief. In addition, tax deductions of 65% require a double energy certification. Anyone wishing to insulate their home and improve the insulation of their windows through a renovation can read the articles listed below.

  • Renovation bonus, terms and request
  • How to access the mobile bonus
  • Discounts for energy saving
  • Certification of fixtures, useful for choosing new windows

Who, on the other hand, meansdo it yourself to eliminate drafts, you can find effective and low-cost solutions on this page.

How to eliminate drafts with do it yourself: doors and windows

On the market there are several materials ready to remove the drafts from doors and windows, they have designed them for every need: for remove the drafts from armored doors, windows with shutters, double-glazed windows ... The expense is very affordable, starting from 4 euros up to a maximum of 30 - 50 euros when the intervention is more extensive.

To help you in your business, we list some of the most effective products foreliminate drafts on doors and windows.

  • Tesa Double Door Sill Rod, Gray

It is suitable foreliminate door drafts. It is made of foam, it hinders the entry of air from the classic cracks between the door and the floor. It fits and is adaptable for slots up to 22 mm and doors up to 95 cm in length. Warning! It is not suitable for all doors (for example, it is not suitable forarmored doorsif these have a thickness greater than 2.2 cm.

It is a rubber rod and to install it you just need to measure the door to isolate, cut off any unnecessary cm (in length) and insert it under the window frame. This device is bought onAmazonat the price of 14.73 euros.

  • Stormguard Rubber draft excluder, self-adhesive

Sometimes it happens that the drafts do not come only from the bottom of the door or window, often the drafts come from the entire profile of a window!

In this case it is necessary to apply an additional thickness in the internal part of the window, so to speak, the one that comes into contact with the wall or with the frame of doors and windows. The product that we have just reported to you is in rubber and adds an extra thickness ranging from 4 mm to 7 mm.

It is a self-adhesive rubber, easy to install and also to cut. The total length of the roll is 7 meters. The product is offered on Amazon at a price of 12.50 euros. A similar product (3 meters long) Jumbo Rubber Foam always offered on Amazon at a price of 16.00 euros.

How to isolate the shutter box

In this context, where possible, it is best to act by inserting silicone sealant. The silicone, however, cannot be inserted directly inside the box otherwise it would hinder the role of the roller shutter. Specifically, for the roller shutter box, plastic panels have been created, extremely flexible and able to adapt to any size of the box.

To get an idea of ​​what we are talking about, we refer you to the official Amazon page dedicated toinsulating mat for box.

Drafts from the chimney

The draft excluder can only be used with the fireplace off! It can isolate the fireplace from drafts but also from noise. The chimney of the fireplace, in addition to allowing the entry of drafts, also allows insects, bad smells and ... noises to enter. A good solution is given by a kind of inflatable balloon that isolates the chimney. In this case, the cost to be considered is about 35 euros.

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