Electric brush cutter: opinions and advice

Electric brush cutter: opinions and advice

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When it comes to electric brush cutter, what are the opinions of subject matter experts? Let's clarify immediately that a electric brush cutter it has the advantage of being silent, more practical to use and can boast of the absence of polluting emissions.

The market offers several models of electric brush cutter. Recent models include the multifunction electric brushcutters: it's about brushcutters with the shaft that can be combined with a wide range of tools. Between best market proposals we point out the electric brush cutter multifunctional "Active E700", a garden tool made in Italy and extremely versatile. It is equipped with a 0.72 Kw bruschless electric motor and two 400-liter lithium-ion batteries! - 10Ah and 600W and 15Ah. The most demanding can choose the 800W and 20Ah battery. The E700 Active model, shown in the photo above, is classified as a professional brush cutter and thanks to its 0.72 kW of power it is able to supply the necessary power for any type of garden work. With a multifunction brush cutter you can cut hedges, prune tall plants, hoe the soil, clear meadows and fields or use the grass trimmer as a blower to remove leaves.

Electric brush cutter, the advantages
It has no starting problems (it turns on very easily), it does not need any particular maintenance works (with a petrol engine brush cutter it is necessary to pay special attention to the fuel tap, engine oil, air filter and spark plug). A electric brush cutter it is silent and therefore can be used from the early hours of the morning without disturbing the quiet of the family on Sunday morning! To make it work, you don't need to prepare petrol-oil mixtures. Its ease of use is also suitable for beginners in gardening. THE prices start at 60 euros for the bland models, intended for garden finishing but go very high when it comes to professional brushcutters or battery operated.

Electric brush cutter, opinions of industry experts
Who is on the hunt for very powerful brushcutters thanks to which being able to cut even small logs cannot bet on a electric brush cutter. The main limitation of the current electric brushcutters lies in the power. The opinions of the subject matter experts are categorical: a electric brush cutter it is suitable "only" for hobby use.

So a electric brush cutter it is perfect for taking care of the home garden, even if it is used every weekend, but it is not particularly suitable if you are a gardener. For use professional you have to buy electric brushcutters with very powerful engines, in this area, among the most avant-garde and demanding gardeners there are those who have made changes to the engine to increase the performance of theelectric brush cutter.

Electric Brushcutters - Prices and models

  • Electric trimmer brush cutter Black and Decker 18 V lithium battery

It is an edge trimmer that integrates the "lawn mower" function. It has a base to make garden work more practical but when the lawn is not regular, we do not know if these wheels can be really efficient or the user will struggle to push them, however, this brushcutter is quite light, including the base it weighs only 7 kg. Allows you to adjust the height of the cut between 40 and 60 millimeters. This battery-powered electric brushcutter is cordless and is priced at € 164.00.

  • Black & Decker Grass Trimmer, Lawnmower with 36 Volt Lithium Battery

Lighter and with a longer battery life, is the GLC3630L20-QW edger with 36 Volt and 20 Ah battery. For cutting lawn grass, it has a cutting width of 30 cm. Battery life depends on the intensity of use; low intensity may be enough to mow a medium-sized garden, so those who usually mow the lawn within 30 - 40 minutes may find this product useful. It has a double handle and, of course, as with all power tools, it does not make any noise! The price is 199.90 euros and weighs only 3.5 kg.

  • E700 Active

Although we have taken the E700 Active model as an example of electric brush cutter efficient, we do not propose it for purchase as, being aprofessional brush cutterit was designed for professional gardeners. It was designed for those who work in this sector and are forced to cut the grass in residential areas where no noise is welcome. The E700 Active electric brushcutter, battery and cordless model, has a price of about 1300 euros.

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