Solidarity economy: with Desbri it is close at hand

Solidarity economy: with Desbri it is close at hand

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Solidarity Economy, on the territory and in the territory, thanks to a network of associations, GAS, social and fair trade cooperatives. To believe inSolidarity Economy there are also Slow Food, Arci, consortia of cooperatives and other non-profit organizations. In Monza and Brianza are united in DESBri, the Solidarity Economy District active since 2004, which wants to change the way of doing economy. Individual citizens can also do something to ensure that the adjective solidarity goes alongside the noun economy, making the world more sustainable. Anyone can therefore promote onesolidarity economy for oneself and for others, becoming a DESBri member or joining an organization that is already a member. There is no shortage of projects and ideas, l'Solidarity economy is not a utopia and it is soon demonstrated here, in 7 points and many guidelines, simple and actionable.

1) What is the purpose of the Solidarity Economy District (DESBri)?

By definition, “aSolidarity Economy District is a network in which the participants help each other to satisfy as much as possible their needs for the purchase, sale, exchange and gift of goods, services and information, according to principles inspired by asolidarity, local, fair and sustainable economy". The District of Solidarity Economy della Brianza (DESBri), is an association born at the end of 2004, thanks to the cultural association of Villasanta La Mondolfiera and the node of the Lilliput network of Monza and Brianza.

2) What are the main activities of the Solidarity Economy District? How can you join?

Through concrete projects and activities, the Solidarity Economy District wants to build new models that respect the value of work, environmental sustainability and food sovereignty. This takes place with specific projects to rebuild production chains on a fiduciary economic basis, as in the case of Spiga & Madia. But the Solidarity Economy District is also involved in the promotion of social enterprises, such as for "A smile for all", a project linked to dental care, where a social cooperative, already engaged in the third sector, extends its fiduciary pact to critical consumers, so that it is able to maintain quality in work and low prices for everyone.

3) You mentioned “Spiga & Madia”: what is it about? what results has this project of the Solidarity Economy District achieved so far?

Spiga & Madia is a project by short supply chain of bread and flour to give value to peri-urban areas. The Solidarity Economy District thus aims to demonstrate the contradictions of the province of Monza and Brianza, invaded by asphalt and concrete, which, for some time, has forgotten the value of food sovereignty and the possibility of producing quality food in the Brianza area. In the fields of Caponago, where the project was born, 12 hectares of land have been converted to organic which, under crop rotation, has given quality bread to 600 families with a 50 km radius supply chain. Unfortunately since the tollbooth of the Milan outer ring road (TEEM), production has been moved to other patches of land and we are looking for new spaces to convert on which to grow organic wheat.

4) GAS photo: what is it about?

It is a project launched in the period of incentives related to photovoltaic production. The Solidarity Economy District facilitated the relationship between a group of "gas operators" who wanted to install a photovoltaic system and two installation companies, DESBri members. Now that the incentives have ended, we have not yet managed to write a pact that can link a company capable of purchasing these jobs and the consumers organized in the Brianza Gas network.

5) How do you join the Solidarity Economy District? With what advantages?

They can become members of the Solidarity Economy District both natural and legal persons. The former are entitled to a membership card which guarantees agreements for themselves and their families. Members are constantly updated on news and projects that revolve around theSolidarity economy, receive Council minutes and can participate in open working groups and board meetings and in a reserved area of ​​the site can access content to keep up to date on projects. In addition to all this, the legal persons associated with Solidarity Economy District they can advertise the events and news of their organization on the site, enter into agreements and solidarity pacts with the Solidarity Economy District and, thanks to Solidarity Fund of the District, can enhance their commitment to social responsibility.

6) Monza Bike Friendly: can we explain the project?

It is part of a program of interventions called "Monza true emotion - Monza true emotion" as part of the Lombardy Region call for "Districts of attractiveness", with the aim of improving that of the Monza area, in view of EXPO 2015. Monza Bike Friendly sees collaborating on Solidarity Economy District with the Municipality of Monza to create a bike friendly network aiming at the development of cycle tourism in the city. We have involved all the operators in the area who deal in different ways with bicycles to let them know the already existing services, stimulating them to create synergies. Like Solidarity Economy District we are involving local and commercial establishments to become "Bike Friendly" points at the service of cyclists in the city.

7) Who can join?

All operators related to the world of bicycles can join and it should be done as soon as possible: times are rather tight. Also for restaurants, bars, hotels interested in becoming a point "Bike Friendly" so as to appear as such in the promotional material: just commit to providing the cyclist with one or more of the services we suggest. Availability of a pump for inflating or repair tools, possibility of parking bikes, events cycle tourism, free or discounted coffee for cyclists, or a "full" bottle, shower and / or changing room, or locker, distribution of tourist material in Monza, possibility of free recharging of pedal assisted bikes or availability to host a mobile workshop. Monza Bike Friendly is a great opportunity to promote and encourage the use of bicycles for the people of Monza themselves as well as for tourists, because the services could remain even after the Expo by making Monza a bike-friendly city.

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