Ventilated green clay: properties and contraindications

Ventilated green clay: properties and contraindications

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L'ventilated green clayit has been used for health and cosmetic purposes since ancient times: theEgyptiansthey used theclay, along with other substances such asPropolis, for the aesthetic treatment of the face and body.

L'ventilated green clayhas a high ion exchange capacity so it can include a large number of property and can act as a natural remedy for various conditions and ailments.


What does it mean "ventilated“?
It should be noted that theGreen clay used for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes, it must be dried in the sun and not in the oven; the one you use for internal use must be exclusively Ventilated Clay dried in the sun, that is the most purified and free of impurities and with a finer particle size, which guarantees a greater ionic exchange surface and therefore a better activity.

Ventilated green clay, property

The properties ofventilated green clay they are related not only to its ionic exchange capacity, but also to its absorbing capacity, that is, to the chemical fixation of a body; the absorbent properties make the green clay ventilated, able to trap bacteria and microbes, toxins and waste from intestinal metabolism, gases and poisons, thus giving it a high detoxifying power.

The absorbent properties ofventilated green clay, made this mineral very famous in the days ofChernobyl:it seems that theventilated green claycan absorb, among other things, also the body's radiations, eliminating them physiologically. For this capacity, theventilated green clayit is recommended by supporters of natural remedies to those who perform chemotherapy treatments.


L'Green clayit contains about 50 percent silica and 14 percent aluminum. It has a slightly alkaline pH and high anti-inflammatory properties.

How to use theventilated green clayto take advantage of its healing properties?
L'ventilated green clayit can be used for internal use (orally, ventilated green clay to drink) or for topical use (compresses, masks ...). On the page dedicated toGreen ventilated clay we have seen how to use this mineral as a natural remedy for:

  • Fighting dandruff in a natural way
  • Eliminate cellulite with ad hoc treatments
  • Soothe migraines and headaches
  • Prepare beauty masks for the face

Green ventilated clay - Contraindications

L'ventilated green claypresents contraindications for allergy sufferers. Forms of allergy to clay are very rare but it is advisable to test the product first on a small portion of skin and then continue with the treatments.

Other contraindication concerns theventilated green clay and the use of drugs. L'ventilated green clay to drink (for internal use) is not recommended for those who take certain drugs as it could interfere with the absorption of the active ingredients. Ask your doctor for information.

Ventilated green clay and other types of clay

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Where to buy ventilated green clay

Where to buy ventilated green clay?
In shops specialized in cosmetics or natural products, or you can buy it online. When it comes to natural remedies, the effectiveness of the treatment is closely related toqualityof the product. L'ventilated green clay, as stated, it must be naturally dried and ventilated so as to achieve a very fine grain size; among the various products on the market we point out those of the companyMystic Momentswith an excellent quality-price ratio.
- Ultra Ventilated 100% Pure Green Clay - 100 g jar sold at a price of 5.01 euros.
- Ultra Ventilated 100% Pure Green Clay - Jar of 500 g, sold at a price of 11.50 euros.
–100% Pure Green Ultra Ventilated Clay - 1 kg jar, sold at a price of 16.50 euros.


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