Pocket butts holder: Smookey arrives

Pocket butts holder: Smookey arrives

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Pocket butts holder: arrives Smookey the Italian product born from an intuition of Pierpaolo Cortesi that could give an important help in safeguarding our environment!

I am not a smoker but I respect those who decide to smoke as long as they respect those around them in turn and as long as they do not see smokers throwing their butts on the street or, even worse, in the meadows or on the beaches.

At the same time, putting myself in the shoes of a smoker, I can understand that there are times (eg. While waiting for public transport or when you have to enter a shop or "suddenly end the cigarette break") when you are not within reach. out of hand an ashtray or a basket equipped with the appropriate metal plate to put out cigarettes.

Obviously, the ideal solution is not to throw the butt on the ground but neither can a smoker be expected to extinguish his cigarette and ... put it in his pocket! :-)

Well, Smookey was created to provide smokers with a practical "pocket butts holder“, Which also plays the role of a lighter door.

Smookey can hold up to 6 cigarette butts which are hermetically sealed to ensure the total absence of any odor.

Use a butts holder how Smookey becomes "a social duty”For all smokers who have a minimum of environmental awareness.

Furthermore, from 2 February 2016, the new law came into force which provides for a fine of up to 300 euros for those who will be caught throwing a cigarette butt on the ground, as already expected in many countries including France, the United Kingdom, the United States, Singapore, Japan and Australia.

A recent study calculated that about 4.5 trillion of the annual 6 trillion cigarettes sold worldwide do not end up in a trash can or ashtray but thrown on the ground!

In the United States alone, over 49.8 million kilograms of filters are thrown on the ground, causing considerable damage to the environment (it is important to remember that filters contain carcinogenic and polluting substances) and a huge cost for public administrations that have to organize their collection and disposal.

The adoption of a pocket butts holder Smookey would therefore be great help in protecting the environment and to avoid high fines.

You can see the practicality of Smookey in this video:

The use of the Smookey egg holder also allows you to avert the risk of fire due to cigarette butts thrown into rubbish bins when they are still partially lit. Just think that the disastrous fire that devastated a skyscraper in Dubai a few days ago was caused by an unlit butt thrown into a trash can!

The Smookey pocket butts holder is available in solid color:

or with various graphic customizations:

You can buy Smookey on Amazon for only 7 Euros!

If you don't smoke, the Smookey egg holder it can also be an inexpensive gift idea appreciated by your smoking friends.

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