How to avoid wasting water

How to avoid wasting water

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For avoid wasting water and to help protect one of the most essential assets for survival, each of us can make a small contribution: it is enough to implement ecologically responsible behavior, day after day.

In this guide, we will illustrate some important tips to consume less water both in the home and in the garden. It is about acquiring small new habits that will save you on your water bill.

How to avoid wasting water, helpful tips

  • You know, the water in the shower never comes out hot immediately; this means wasting water, so while the water is flowing waiting for it to heat up, collect it in a bucket. You can use it to water the plants or for the toilet
  • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth, it makes no sense to waste liters of water to dedicate ourselves to daily action
  • Same rule also when you soap yourself, whether it is the face, hands or body in the shower; use water only when necessary
  • Equip your toilet with a water flow reducer in order to dose the water according to your organic deposit (urine or feces)
  • If you have old plumbing, make sure there is no leakage problem. Periodically it is advisable to call the plumber for a check
  • Keep the cooking water of the pasta and it can be reused for washing dishes or to water the plants
  • Prefer the shower over the bathroom, you will avoid a considerable waste of water
  • Prefer a water-saving washing machine or dishwasher
  • When watering the vegetable garden and the garden, choose drip irrigation methods for your pots and equip yourself with buckets or tanks to collect rainwater
  • Operate the washing machine and dishwasher only when they are fully loaded, choosing the fastest and lowest water consumption washing programs
  • When washing the dishes by hand, do not let the water flow from the tap unnecessarily, fill the sink once with the necessary hot water and lather all your dishes
  • Install water flow reducers directly on each tap in the house. Find out if they can be distributed for free at the municipal level
  • When washing fruit and vegetables, prefer a single basin full of water, avoiding the use of running water
  • Have you ever thought about the waste of water that concerns packaged foods for sale in supermarkets? Therefore avoid pre-packaged foods so you also save money for packaging
  • Read the water meter, check if from evening to morning it shows the same figure. If not, this could indicate the presence of water waste due to faulty plumbing
  • To avoid wasting water in the irrigation of the vegetable garden and garden, you can use mulch, which will allow the soil to maintain an optimal level of moisture retention. In this regard, we refer you to reading the article "How to mulch a vegetable garden"

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