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Carob flour, all the info

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Carob flouriscarob seed flour, differences, recipes, where to buy and properties. All information about this flour.

You know the carob? They are the fruit of the carob tree, botanically known as Ceratonia siliqua, a widespread evergreen plant in Italy that produces bean-like pods. It is no coincidence that beans, broad beans and carobs belong to the same botanical family, that of the Fabaceae. Inside the pods are the seeds from which a particular is obtained carob flour. Therecarob flour, in fact, it can be obtained both by grinding the whole fruit and by single grinding of the seed. On this page we will talk aboutcarob flour from pulp(also known as carob powder) orcarob seed flour(obtained exclusively from seeds, it is used as a thickener / gelatifier in the food industry).

Carob seed flour, E410

Therecarob seed flouris used asadditive in the food industry. Among the ingredients it is marked with the initialsE410and is used asthickener, stabilizer, gelling agent and natural emulsifier.

It is found among the ingredients of baked goods, confetti, candies,ice creams but also in desserts. It is also used as a thickener for the preparation of milk for infants. It is also used as a substitute for cocoa.

Carob seeds are rich in galactomannans which represent up to 90% of them.

Carob flour, properties

There carob flour it contains little fat but is rich in natural sugars and carbohydrates. In the kitchen it is widely used in replacing cocoa, as it recalls its flavor. Unlike cocoa, the carob flour it does not have caffeine and can therefore be consumed by people who cannot take stimulants and who wish to follow a healthy and balanced diet.

Carob flour

It is obtained by grinding the fruit or pulp. It is generally also calledcarob powder. If thecarob seed flourshould be used in small doses, thecarob pulp flourinstead, it can be used to partially or completely replace the flour used.

For example, with a mixture of rice flour and carob flour, you can get one gluten-free flour for the preparation of desserts suitable for celiacs.

Therecarob flourit is prepared only from pasta and naturally contains: pectin, vegetable sugars (20 to 30%), mucilage, proteins, tannins and fats.

How to use carob flour

There carob flour it is rich in mineral salts, such as calcium and iron and is an important source of fiber. Its uses in the kitchen range from the preparation of cakes, biscuits and baked goods to the creation of fresh pastries.

There carob flour it can, in fact, be used both to make the dough as a substitute for traditional flours and to replace sugar, since its flavor is very sweet and particular.

On the web you will find many special recipes that involve the use of carob flour. The only aspect not to be overlooked is the dosage, as this flour is very tasty. In Sicily, carob flour is a traditional ingredient and there are many pasta dishes that contemplate its use.

If you love preparing homemade pasta you can try kneading with carob flour: it is easy to work with and offers a very special flavor. The pasta made in this way can be accompanied by vegetable-based sauces or a simple spoonful of raw olive oil to enhance its natural flavor.

There carob flour it can also be used in the preparation of hot drinks, both as a substitute for sugar but also as a real alternative to coffee and cocoa. Its solubility is very high and you can prepare tasty alternative drinks.

Thanks to its lightness and the total absence of caffeine, carob flour is undoubtedly a valid alternative for those who cannot take exciting drinks or for those who simply want to vary their diet by introducing a product rich in nutritional and healthy properties.

Carob flour, how it's done

The seeds are very hard therefore for make carob seed flour it would be necessary to have high-performance machinery, powerful and capable of reducing a product that, in itself, is very hard into a very fine powder. On the contrary, thecarob pulp flourit is easier to do at home.

If you are lucky enough togrow a carob tree, you can collect the fully ripe fruits, clean them, deprive them of seeds, and place them in a grinder as explained in the article dedicated toHomemade flour.

Carob flour, where to find it

Therecarob flourobtained by grinding the pulp, it is easy to find, especially in small peasant realities where it can be obtained cheaply (especially in Calabria and Sicily). Those who do not have the possibility to buy carob flour directly from the producer, can take advantage of the online purchase.

On Amazon, a 750g pack of natural carob flour can be bought at a price of 15.30 euros and free shipping. For all information, please refer tothis Amazon page.

If, on the other hand, you want to make an artisan ice cream and use thecarob seed flouras a thickener, you can see the various proposals athis Amazon page.

You see that in the case of thecarob seed flour, the packages are much smaller precisely because this ingredient is used in low doses.

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