Papyrus plant: how to multiply it

Papyrus plant: how to multiply it

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Multiply one papyrus plant it is quite simple and requires no special skills. There are three systems of reproduction, but in reality only two are practiced because the third requires free time (actually a few years) before reaching a new papyrus plant.

Systems for multiplying a papyrus plant

The third system, the one we exclude for 'reasons of time', is reproduction by seed. A papyrus plant produces lots of fertile seeds that can be collected and used. However, it takes several years, you can make an average but there is no precise time before a rhizome of sufficient size to create a new example of papyrus originates from the seed.

Set aside the seeds, the easiest way to multiply one papyrus plant is to portion the rhizomes after gently uprooting the plant from the ground. Each rhizome will be a new plant if you have the foresight to keep some of the aerial part and some developed roots. Those obtained from this operation are in fact new plants that can be repotted individually. The right time is autumn.

A little more complex, but not so much, is the reproduction by cutting. The procedure is this: you choose a sturdy stem and cut it about 10 cm below the apical tuft of leaves, which you then proceed to shorten with a scissor for half of their length. At this point the stem is turned upside down in a container with water so that the leaves are completely immersed.

The container must be kept in a warm environment and the water replaced every five days. After two to three weeks, new seedlings will appear from the leaf axil of the top which can be separated delicately, always keeping them in water. Transplanting into a pot with soil can be done immediately after the third leaf appears. The right time to multiply one papyrus plant with the cutting system it is spring-summer.

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