Juicer or Juice Extractor? Selection guide

Juicer or Juice Extractor? Selection guide

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Juice extractor or cold juice extractor? Chances are you feel like ithomemade fruit juices, so you are wondering if a buy one is better centrifuge or a cold juice extractor. To resolve your doubts, we will compare them juice extractorswith the most popularcentrifuges.

It appears that thehomemade fruit juicesthey can increase the immune system, help you lose weight, prevent cancer and purify the intestine. If all this is true, better arm yourself with a blender,juicer or juice extractor.

The blender
With the good old blender you can't make real oneshomemade fruit juicesbut you can make excellent smoothies. A smoothie has a different texture and flavor than a juice. Smoothies, unlike juices, retain all of the fiber, the most satiating component of fruit and vegetables.


The centrifuge
Therecentrifugereturns fruit juices completely free of fibers. Usually, thecentrifuges they employ a metal blade which, moving rapidly, is able to separate the juice from the pulp by means of centrifugal force. The juice and the pulp are separated in different containers. The problem ofcentrifugeslies precisely in the high-speed movement of the blade: the heat generated could deactivate some important enzymes contained in fruit and vegetables. Thejuiceproduced with acentrifugeit would seem less nutritious than the juice obtained from a cold extractor; in fact, there are no third-party scientific studies that have analyzed the amount of nutrients in a centrifuge by comparing it with that of the juice extractor, for now, the studies that are on the net have been funded by the same manufacturers of the extractors of juice which, being much more expensive, need an extra boost to sell.

Tip # 1: put fruit and vegetables in the juicer just taken from the bottom drawer of the refrigerator!

The cold juice extractor
The movement of the extractor is slow and does not produce heat, thus keeping all the nutrients of the juice intact. Even with the extractors the very important fibers are lost. The cold juice extractor is especially recommended for fans of "green juices“, Green leafy vegetable extracts. The juices produced with a cold extractor are more stable and maintaining nutritional integrity for about 48-72 hours after extraction. On the contrary, centrifuged must be consumed immediately.

Another advantage of the extractor, compared to the classic centrifuge, lies in the possibility of being able to produce almond or rice milk.


Despite the advantages of acold juice extractor, it is not easy to recommend their purchase. The quality / price ratio of a cold juice extractor is, to date, too unbalanced in favor of the price. If you buy a good juicer with a budget of 100-200 euros, for a good juicer you have to be ready to shell out at least 400-800 euros!

Best centrifuges

We show you two good ones centrifuges reputed to be the best on the market. In fact, the best centrifuges are those with a motor powerful enough to allow 18,000 revolutions per minute so as to extract more juice and produce less waste. With this premise, we advise you to choose centrifuges with a power of 1000W that are quiet enough, made with materials that are safe for your health, that have an opening large enough to be able to insert a whole fruit (without the need to cut it into small pieces) and especially that they are easy to clean.

Unfortunately not all centrifuges they are easy to clean and even worse are the extractors. Both appliances consist of several pieces that must be washed individually. That's why, for me, the best juicer is the one from Philips that brings the technology Self-cleaning. I state that sometimes it is only a "Pre-wash", that is, it is not always very clean but in the worst case you will just have to rinse it without dirtying the sink. In addition, you can add 2 drops of detergent to the jug (no more!) To make the wash more effective.

Philips HR1871 / 70 Avance - Professional centrifuge
It is configured among the so-called "professional centrifuges", it is the newcomer of the Philips house and supports the HR1871 / 10 model which costs about 224 euros, fortunately this Philips HR1871 / 70 is at the promotional price of 194.99 euros (free shipping ) and in addition it brings the possibility of performing a pre-wash in order to make the cleaning phase easier.

I advise you not to underestimate the "QuickClean" function, perfect for those who want to drink centrifuged every day but have no time or patience to clean different baskets.

Those who do not have washing problems and want to spend less, can aim for the Duronic JE10 ! Its list price is 199 euros but is offered in promotion for 84.99 euros. Due to its characteristics it can be considered one professional centrifuge, the only flaws reside in the fact that it is bulky and lacks a self-cleaning program but it certainly has an excellent quality / price ratio.

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