Mercedes electric cars: road tests

Mercedes electric cars: road tests

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There Mercedes can count on the presence of 8 models of alternative drive cars: two electric cars and six hybrid cars.

IdeeGreen.itgot to perform test drive of each of the electric cars and hybrids with license plates Mercedes, here is the report with opinions, road tests, advice and driving impressions.

Mercedes electric and hybrid: opinions and road tests

I've tried them all!
I was able to fully enjoy the electric and hybrid Mercedes propulsion and I can be very satisfied on all fronts: consumption, performance, driving comfort, on-board technologies, intuitive and easy-to-manage man-machine interface ... in short, the German manufacturer does not it misses nothing and on board the cars premium it even made me feel pampered!

With my road tests, I reviewed the entire electric and hybrid range offered by Mercedes, with no holds barred: from the smallestSmart Electric-Driveto the more luxurious and performing S 500 Plug-in Hybrid. Between the two opposite poles there are many middle ground, designed for specific needs but all with a common denominator: efficiency and comfort.

Mercedes electric cars

  • Smart Electric Drive - The road test

Designed for those who want to experience the city without limits: access restricted traffic areas, park in confined spaces and transit at reduced costs. The electric Smart is an accessible car in all senses, starting from the price. Those who want to save further can focus on guaranteed used Mercedes cars (read more about:Electric smart used).

The electric Smart knows its stuff and does its duty. My road test did not reveal any flaw or formidable merits: the purchase is recommended for those who drive mainly in urban centers and do not need space on board. It drives as well as the classic Smart but has all the advantages of an electric car.

A note of credit goes to the preconditioning system that you do not expect to find on an entry level car. By programming the preconditioning it is possible to find the car interior cool in summer and warm in winter, not bad right ?!

The maximum speed of theElectric smartamounts to 125 km / h, the motorist can count on a 55 kW magneto-electric motor and a maximum torque of 130 Nm available immediately.

  • Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive - The road test

When I got on board, I realized I had a very generous cabin and lots of comforts. There Electric Class B it has recently been on the market and has already collected many opinions positive, starting with mine: it drives well and is perfect for those looking for a spacious car with low fuel consumption.

The guide of the Class B Electric Drive it is extremely relaxing, I started the engine without even realizing it, zero noises and zero thoughts: it was enough to exert a little pressure on the accelerator to start my road test without having to pay attention to anything else (the automatic transmission responds very well) .

Autonomy is also not a cause for concern: the 230 kilometers are real. Of course, taking advantage of the acceleration and traveling at top speed (160 km / h) the autonomy decreases butElectric Class Bwas not born for lovers of extreme speeds, so the problem does not exist ... Those who really want to dare and have high demands can choose, as an option, theRange Plusto further increase autonomy.

The system that allows you to program the driving mode also responds well, in fact if you start with the E + mode you should not be surprised if you see little panache! Let's see in detail which driving modes can be entered and what the programmer consists of.

On board the Class B Electric Drive it is possible to trigger an "engine configuration" ad hoc for the needs of the moment, all using a simple selector that allows the choice between three Drive Modes: S, E, E +.

For city tours it is possible to choose the modeE + (Economy Plus)which limits the power to 65 kW or Economy which uses only 98 kW. In both cases, maximum power can be accessed with thekick-down(pressing the whole foot on the accelerator).

The best performing driving mode is theS.(Sport) which makes the 132 kW all available. With its 160 horsepower, the B-Class Electric Drive, the Mercedeshas managed to “normalize” the concept of electric car combining the advantages of battery-powered traction with the practicality typical of a heat engine, all while eliminating harmful emissions and high operating costs: I remind you thatClass B Electric Drivedoes not require the payment of the road tax for the first two years and, again thanks to its electric motor, it can benefit from dedicated offers that see the price of RC Auto halved and which exempt it from paying for parking on the blue stripes as well as arranged in different municipalities of Italy.

As stated, theElectric Class Byou drive in a carefree, comfortable and relaxing way. The driving experience is pleasant for everyone and there are no drawbacks even for rear passengers: on-board accessibility is good and you can get in easily from behind. I'm 172cm tall and I also looked good in the back seat.

The electric B-Class has the passenger compartment pre-heating and pre-cooling system as standard.

Excellent possibility of leasing the car with 35 fees of 290 euros and with an advance of 6,400 euros, with this formula the car can be returned after 3 years.

Mercedes hybrid cars

For the road tests of cars that sport technology Hybrid, BlueTEC Hybrid and Plug-in Hybriddella Stella I refer you to the article dedicated to "Mercedes hybrid cars. In detail, the Mercedes hybrid proposals involve 6 models:

  • C 300 BlueTEC Hybrid
  • C 350 BlueTEC Hybrid
  • S 500 Plug-in Hybrid

Other Mercedes hybrid cars:

  • E 300 BlueTEC Hybrid
  • S 300 BlueTEC Hybrid
  • S 400 Hybrid

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