Home remedies for anxiety

Home remedies for anxiety

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Those who suffer fromanxiety he knows how this disease can be disabling in social, interpersonal and working relationships.

Often we resort to anxiolytics but not everyone is well prepared to take medicines. Why not resort to home remedies to relieve anxiety?

Home remedies for anxiety, benefits of breathing
Breathing plays a crucial role in our psychophysical balance. Under stressful conditions, we tend to breathe wrongly, which doesn't help us at all! When you are in the grip of anxiety it is important to focus on breathing; when you inhale, you have to fill the belly with air first, then the chest, when you exhale, you have to do the same, in reverse order. Proper breathing will make us feel much better.

Home remedies for anxiety, alternatives to drugs

  • Magnesium bath

To relieve anxiety, many resort to a magnesium bath; it is also indicated in cases of irritability, insomnia, stress… But what does it consist of? You will have to fill the bathtub with warm water and add 100 grams of powdered magnesium sulfate with a few drops of essential oil of the fragrance of your choice.
Once you have prepared the bath, you will have to immerse yourself and stay about half an hour.

  • Passionflower herbal tea

Another natural remedy is represented by the herbal tea based on passionflower, a plant known for its therapeutic virtues: it reduces nervousness and all its related effects such as palpitations, stuttering, muscle contractions ...

  • Bach flowers

Bach flowers are very effective in calming crises of any kind. We are talking about the Rescue Remedy, consisting of five Bach Flowers (Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose, Cherry Plum and Star of Bethelhem) which acting in synergy are considered an emergency remedy in case of anxiety and panic attacks.
This compound can count on the action of a large number of active ingredients considered effective for the natural treatment of anxiety. You can buy the “Rescue Remedy” in drops or spray; for information on prices, please refer to the Amazon page dedicated to the Bach flower-based Rescue Remedy.

  • Clay on the belly

Many experts in nutrition and emotions argue that poor digestion can directly affect our mood, thus leading to irritability problems.
For this type of remedy you will need to prepare a red clay poultice which you will then have to put on the stomach and leave for at least half an hour: the ideal would be to let the product act overnight. Cover the clay with the help of a bandage or any other fabric; the important thing is that it is suitable for maintaining heat. Remove the poultice in the shower with warm water.

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